Why Has Online Marketing Become So Powerful?

Offline marketing is great, but, if a business is to succeed these days, it has to embrace online marketing. It’s the process of promoting a business on the internet. It includes such strategies as email marketing, website design, social media, video marketing and search engine marketing.Online marketing strategies have affected the business performance of both major brands, along with smaller businesses. So how has it become so powerful?Your Customers Are OnlineRegardless of whether you like it or not, your customers are on the internet. They look for service providers on the internet, they shop on the internet and they look at business websites. If you don’t have an online presence and you’re not doing any online marketing then you’re missing out on connecting with your customers.Your Competitors Are OnlineIf your competition is using online marketing and you’re not, then they are probably getting your business. In order to be competitive and to let your audience not know that you exist and why you’re better than your competition, you need to be marketing on the internet.You Don’t Have To Spend A FortuneOffline marketing can be costly and takes time to set up. Online marketing is quicker and less expensive. You can promote your business on social media in a very cost effective and targeted manner. You can email your database whenever you want, for free. You can directly target your customers needs and wants with search engine marketing.It’s Easier To Evaluate And MonitorOnline marketing can be tracked by using analytics that is just not possible with offline marketing. You can create unique pages to drive traffic to and see exactly where, when and what your prospects click on. You can also test and change tactics without increasing your expenses.There Are Many StrategiesDifferent online marketing strategies work differently for different businesses and niches. For instance, content marketing is an effective way to deliver useful content to build trust with your target audience. There is no financial cost to content marketing but it does take time. In contrast, an online marketing strategy like pay-per-click advertising where you pay money to reach a certain target audience does cost money, but the results can be almost immediate.It’s Not Just For Big BusinessA small offline business can find it very difficult to compete against the big corporations in traditional offline media. However,a prospective customer can only look at one website at a time and, if you have the right online strategies in place, that website can easily be about your business.

It’s All in the Name – Choosing a Business Name That Gets Results

Your overall creative business plan should include choosing a business name. The goal is to get your prospects talking about you in a positive way not send potential leads right into the arms of your competition. A name that’s catchy inspires confidence and maintains interest. It really is essential to reaching business success and saving countless of dollars on marketing fees.A business company name that tells a story or easily communicates a message all on its own automatically gives your company distinction. You don’t want your business to be forgettable and if you’re not creative, this is exactly what will happen. Just like an article heading, you need a catchy business name that will entice prospects to immediately take interest and want to learn more about the services you have to offer.
Here are seven tips to choosing a business name that gets you noticed and generates leads:Steer Clear of SpecificsYou’re a new business that provides house cleaning services. If you’re like many small businesses, you’re going to increase your service offerings in the future. Steer clear of a boring title like “Toronto House Cleaning”. A generic title isn’t memorable and won’t set you apart from your competition. Instead try a catchy business name like “We Mean Clean” that will have prospects talking.Keep it ShortThe shorter the name the more memorable it will be. A short catchy name will have people wanting to talk about it and will be simple to enter into the Internet search bar.Look to your PassionWhen selecting a business company name, select one that has a hidden story related to your passion. If you are a caterer who loves mountain climbing in your spare time, try tying in your business name to your hobby. For example, try a name like “Everest Catering Services”. You’ll have people wondering how the word “Everest” ties into the services you offer. This creates an excellent lead in to introducing yourself.Google is your FriendBe confident of your originality by Googling your potential business name before going through the registration process. You want to make sure no one else offering your services has the same name!Make the Name Easy to SpellYou might be thinking of naming your pet store “Ruff Rewards” but the name “ruff” still sounds like “rough”. You have to be confident your audience will understand your intentions before settling on that catchy business name you’re looking for.Make the Name Easy to PronounceMake it easy for your clients and prospects to pronounce your business name. You don’t want them to constantly fumble over their words as they recommend you or phone you inquiring about your services.Think Outside the BoxWhen the Blackberry was created, Research in Motion (RIM) wanted their highest selling product to have a name that didn’t increase blood pressure (like email or technology). Someone pointed out that the buttons on the device resembled seeds so fruit names were explored. After much research, the name Blackberry was determined. RIM says this name was chosen because it’s easy on the ears, and at the time of its creation, was black.When choosing a business name, it’s important to think of your target audience and select a name that is easy to understand and easy to remember. While Blackberry has well known worldwide, it’s also backed up by a strong marketing and advertising campaign. As a small business on a budget however, it’s important to stick to the basics and keep it simple!

Used Cars – Not Just Any Used Auto Extended Warranty Plan Will Do

While companies that sell used cars to the public and offer used auto extended warranty plans for their vehicles are definitely the best places to buy used autos, make sure you read the fine print on the particular extended warranty plan you are buying. Some used auto extended warranties will contain exclusions that limit the seller’s liability when a second owner purchases a used auto.The used auto aftermarket is a huge business and it is definitely a place where the old “buyer beware” caution applies. It is important that you do your homework, that you read the fine print and that you understand the differences between warranty programs that cover cars & trucks that may or may not have been used commercially and used autos used solely by individuals.Before you purchase your used vehicle, check out the company that stands behind the warranty. How long have they been in business? What’s their track record in paying off claims? Is it the same company that has done the evaluation of the used vehicle’s current condition?Companies like 1SourceAutoWarranty, Warranty Direct, Warranties4Wheels, E Warranty Solutions, AA Auto Warranty and Warranty Warehouse that have been around for quite some time, have sterling reputations and deal extensively in the auto aftermarket are companies you can rely on for honesty, trustworthiness and security.Make sure when you buy that used auto and you select the perfect extended warranty program for you that you get the plan that fits your vehicle and driving style so that you get the security that you paid for.